Emohawk Project

Do you want to know...

  • what controls virtual characters in 3D applications?
  • how they can find a path in a complex virtual environment automatically?
  • what finite-state machines, reactive rules and other fancy terms really mean?
  • whether virtual characters can have emotions and how to make them laugh and cry?

With Emohawk, you can learn all of this and much more on your home PC

Intended audience

Students and teachers of:

  • general computer sciences
  • social sciences
  • computer games
  • artificial intelligence
  • new media and art

The Emohawk's story

Once upon a time there was a small city…

At the edge of the city, an emohawk farm lays. An emohawk is a kind of pet, which is able to suck emotions from people and spit them on other people. From time to time, an emohawk escapes from the farm…

There lives Thomas in the town. Thomas has a girlfriend Barbara and… well… yet another girlfriend Natalie. The girls don’t know about each other.

Thomas has just been with Barbara in the cinema. Now, he has to walk her home quickly, since Natalie is waiting for him to be taken to the next movie. Besides, there is an emohawk roaming around…

Would you like to know what will happen when…

  • Thomas and Barbara meet the emohawk?
  • When Natalie finds Thomas with Barbara?
  • When the emohawk sucks all emotions from the Thomas?

Not only you can influence the course of the story, but you can actually learn how to program Thomas, Barbara, Natalie, and the emohawk!

Emohawk 3D virtual town. You can see overview of the town (upper left), Thomas, Barbara and Natalie interacting (upper right), ray tracing visualization (lower left) and Barbara interacting with emohawk (lower right).(Copyright © 2009 Zbyněk Krulich. Textures we use are from Mayang's Free Textures Library))

Technical details

The Emohawk is built on the top of Pogamut project. Pogamut provides an out-of-the box development environment for artificial intelligence of virtual characters inhabiting worlds of the Unreal Tournament 2004 videogame, UnrealEngine2Runtime (UE2) - free version of UnrealEngine2, UnrealDevelopmentKit (UDK) - free version of UnrealEngine3 and DEFCON game - a real-time strategy game.

The Emohawk features three distinct tools each aimed on different aspect of virtual character problematic.

  1. StoryFactory - a simple tool used to specify a story in emohawk virtual town. User can specify sequence of animations and movements for virtual characters and then play the story and see the result.
  2. SteeringTool - a tool visualizing steering techniques proposed by Craig Reynolds with virtual characters in emohawk virtual town. User can specify which steerings should be used and their parameters and then see the result in the 3D environment.
  3. EmohawkGame - a tool featuring virtual characters playing out a simple story the user can influence.


The basic set with most of the graphics is available to download from download page. First Emohawk game level is ready, the other ones are being worked on.

For more information about installation and download consult Installation + Download page.

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